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Midjourney creations – more mechs

Not satisfied with yesterday’s Timber wolfs, I tried again from scratch.

Arguably all are even further from a Timber Wolf. Now what’s really odd is what happens when I add “conical cockpit” to the prompt – started new, not a variation. Why did it create completely different mechs, in a completely different style? Why do two of them have 3 legs? I’m so confused.

Midjourney creations – mechs on a frozen planet

My wife has a book set on a planet with frozen methane lakes which necessitates the use of battle mechs, heh. I love MechWarrior’s Timber Wolf so that’s what I included in the prompt but I didn’t give it a reference image.

Sadly, while they all look good, all lack the Timber Wolf’s trademark shoulder weapons and conical cockpit.

So I gave it a reference image

But oddly, the output looked even less like a Timber Wolf. And the output approximated the drawing/shading style of the reference image.