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Apple’s “This is it” / “Our Signature” commercial

The commercial opens with “This is it.” Apple calls it “Our Signature”. I think it is one of the best commercials ever made*. The commercial clearly conveys the company’s design philosophy in extremely relatable terms, without resorting to cliché b-speak. The Apple logo is shown very subtly only once. Some will swear that it is just marketing, and some may even begrudge that is is brilliant marketing, but I think it is more. Apple’s products are clearly thought out to an extreme. The eloquence of their designs is often astounding. Sure, they make mistakes (the hockey puck mouse, the PowerMac 8500 chassis, faux leather stitching). But when they are right (as they often are), their products simply disappear into our life as though they were always there and we rarely wonder what life was like before.


This is it
This is what matters
The experience of a product
How will it make someone feel
Will it make life better
Does it deserve to exist
We spend a lot of time on a few great things
Until every idea we touch
Enhances each life it touches
You may rarely look at it
But you’ll always feel it
This is our signature
And it means everything

*Another stunning commercial is for Delta Airlines. One line has stuck in my head since I saw that commercial, “Never let the rules overrule common sense.” This commercial also very clearly conveys the philosophy of the company.