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Google Books – 24 hours to a few weeks

From Google Books “Name, submit, and update files for books without ISBNs” page (emphasis added by me):

Files uploaded through the Google Uploader may take up to 24 hours to display in
your account. Files uploaded through the web form will display in your account
after processing, which may take a few weeks.

Google can complete searches in microseconds, retrieve a photo from its exabytes of global imagery also in microseconds, but they need a few weeks to process an uploaded ePub file?

And why would files submitted via their Java uploader be ready faster than files submitted via their web form? Wouldn’t both paths go through the same validation process? What is this “processing” anyway? Can they use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk? 🙂

Why, Google, lord of all data, why is your process so difficult and slow?