Midjourney creations – Forest Squishmallows

In a meeting today, everybody had a foresty/woody Zoom background, except me. I had my usual wall of my daughter’s Squishmallows behind me. I said okay, I’ll find a forest background but people said they liked my Squishmallows, so I thought… hey, Midjourney to the rescue! These are just a few of the generated images, as usual, there were many more attempts.

Pretty but a bit dark and the wrong aspect ratio.

A little too bright and oddly, too photorealistic.

Love the expression on the big Squishmallow on the right. And while anime Squishmallows are very cute, I kept going.

Ah, background is just the right brightness, Squishamallows are just the right anime-ish, and I fit right in the middle.