Midjourney creations – Cyborg Fairies

Back to cross-sections. Fairies are real but what if the source of their superpowers is cybernetic augmentation instead of magic?

Oddly, all four fairies have one thing in common – a lot of machinery in their wings, which are far too dainty to hide this much gear. The first one is quite pretty – I like the metal bodice and color palette. But I do not like the two antennae nor her melancholy expression.

The second has a bit too much exposed machinery in her torso. Also, her facial expression is too cold.

The third is similar to the second but with properly clothed.

The fourth is heavily mechanical and the wings are a bit small, but I like it the most for some reason. Possibly the 3/4 view and the page layout. Or it could just be her big eyes and innocent expression.